I'm having one of those weeks when I look back at my life and feel bits and pieces of the past pushing through.  That picture is of my Grandma Larson.  She raised my mom, was a foster mother to numerous children, and she was my best friend when I was a child.  Grandma had rules, she was a former school teacher, and for her life was meant to be an orderly and comfortable experience.  She cooked her hamburgers and potatoes in butter.  Dishes where done right after dinner and wiping down the counter was part of doing dishes.  There was an expectation with Grandma that everyone worked until there was no more work to do and then we all could rest.

My time spent with Grandma is sacred to me now. With her I learned so much about the balance between responsibility and relaxation and what it meant to love unconditionally.

I believe in love and that love is the one thing that lives on when we die.  Give love and accept love. Be there, set boundaries, show appreciation, give hugs and kisses. Let love comfort you and your memories.



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