I've been drawing since I was a kid and I expect I will continue until my hand can't hold a pen.  This piece is called Blue Peace, after the soothing colors and the feelings that it invokes in me. Peace is a value of mine that I express in my art, coaching, and ministry. I believe in the power of peace, of being able to go inside oneself and calm the torrent of emotions, sounds, and visions that bombard us. I believe in being peaceful with others. Never let them dominate you, but still be caring and respectful with all who cross your path.

Peace, Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness are my core values. I speak those words everyday as reminder of what I am really about, who I am at my core. I speak the words to end my meditation routine, and at other times when I need to focus and be reminded of my spirit's path.

Peace is possible, for each of us because it is our natural state of being.

It is our desire to be safe that calls out for peace, and we have the power to make our lives and the world a peaceful place.



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    Rev. Karen Westendorp, M.Ed.

    Coach, Educator, and Minister specializing in creativity, change, and living a life that aligns with my Spirit's Path.


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