A couple of days ago my husband and I celebrated 3 years of marriage.  This is significant for us for many reasons, most of all because we are divorced.  Sounds funny, doesn't it?  We met in 1993, young and totally in love, we got married in 1998.  We didn't have the maturity to pull it off and were divorced by the Fall of 2001.  This anniversary matters because we have now been married longer this time around then the first time. And it's so much better.

I have learned a lot about persistence from our marriage.  If you really want something, you can make it happen.  It might be hard, it might all fall apart and for a while and it might feel like it can't happen. But if you persist, if you take the time to do the necessary work, you can make it.  I especially believe this about love.  Love binds us in ways we can't even begin to understand.  Love that is true and pure, that exists for the sake of caring and compassion will persist.  Thank you Jacob, for loving me and for your persistence in our relationship. 



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