PictureTree of Life by K. Westendorp
Last night I met with my coach, Jennie Antolak.  She has been a constant support and light for me over the last 3 years. Teaching me the ins and outs of coaching, helping me realize and live my dreams, and giving me opportunities to coach and train others. 

Every time I meet with my coach, I feel energized. We spend 60 minutes or so talking about my accomplishments and goals, and afterwards I'm ready to take on the world! I feel a deeper connection to myself, my values, my spirit's path.

Coaching is about moving you from a place of chaos and uncertainty to place of action and purpose.  Your potential and dreams need a fertile place to be nurtured and coaching provides you with that safe place.



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    Rev. Karen Westendorp, M.Ed.

    Coach, Educator, and Minister specializing in creativity, change, and living a life that aligns with my Spirit's Path.


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