Meet Axel, our adopted Shih Tzu who was raised in a puppy mill.  Axel is proof of the power of love to heal old hurts.  When he came to us he was so scared of people he would hide behind the furniture when guests came over.  Now, after years of gentle and consistent care he greets guests and for a select few he will even ask for their attention by gingerly putting his front paws on their knees.

Perhaps like Axel you grew up in a place that wasn't safe and nurturing.  Or maybe you did, but you have fear around love and trust for other reasons.  I encourage you to find a safe place to practice how to find, recognize, and nurture love.  For those who are too hurt to work with people, start with animals. They will not betray you.

My work as a spiritual life coach and minister is to help you reach your potential in all areas of your life. To help you remove pain and barriers so you can realize the love and the life that is your destiny. I am honored to have this role in the world and I pledge to hold your story and your trust in a safe and nurturing place.



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    Rev. Karen Westendorp, M.Ed.

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